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In The Beginning…

So, I have decided to start a blog… The main question at this stage might well be “Why?”.

Well, my name is Alexander S. Green, and I was born 27 years ago, on the 21st of February 1983. I grew up in Long Ashton, which is a prosperous village close to Bristol, just inside what is now North Somerset. Up until recently in my life, I have spent most of my time in education. Starting at Birdwell primary school in Long Ashton.

Me in my Birdwell uniformMe in my Birdwell uniformMe in my Birdwell uniformMe in my Birdwell uniformMe in my Birdwell uniform

I left in 1994 to move onto St. Katherine’s secondary school in Pill, a short coach journey from Long Ashton. I stayed on at St. Katherine’s for my GCSEs and A Levels, eventually leaving in 2001.

Me in my St. Katherine's uniform

At this point, I started my university education at the University of Nottingham, and finished my BSc. in Computer Science with an upper second in 2005. The same year, I started a PhD. still at Nottingham as part of what is now the Functional Programming Laboratory. My thesis “Towards a Formally Verified Functional Quantum Programming Language” was finally submitted towards the end of 2009, and I was able to graduate at the July 2010 ceremonies.

Me at GraduationMe at Graduation

So, thats a very brief run down of my life so far, or at least my life in education. I am now headed out into the big bad world, and looking for jobs in which I can use all the skills I have been working towards for so many years!

Well, the point is that until this time, I have felt too busy to blog, and have had success in propagating my research through publications. Such as a chapter on the Quantum IO Monad in the book Semantic Techniques in Quantum Computation (link). With lots of spare time on my hands, whilst i search for a job, i have more free time in which to establish a blog.

My plan is to blog about my work, which will hopefully include various forms of Functional Programming, as well as more general happenings in my life. I shall categorise my posts as best I can, and look forward to adding more blog posts, maybe with a little more history about myself, but more looking into the present and the future…

Alexander S. Green


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